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German-English Bilingual Visual Dictionary, German picture dictionary PDF free download, German English bilingual visual dictionary PDF free download The use of pictures is verified to aid understanding and the retention of information. Working on this principle, this highly-illustrated English-German bilingual dictionary presents a huge range of useful current vocabulary.
German-English Bilingual Visual Dictionary is divided thematically and covers most aspects of the everyday world in detail, from the restaurant to the gym, the home to the workplace, outer space to the animal kingdom. You will also find additional phrases and phrases for
conversational use and for extending your vocabulary. This is an essential reference tool for anyone interested in languages – practical, stimulating, and easy-to-use. A few things to take note The German in the book is presented in Persia script and romanized pronunciation. When reading the romanization, refer to the guide on this page
The entries are always presented in the same order – Arabic, Romanization, English

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